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Steve Feuerstein is Chief Executive Officer of ArenaCorp Holdings Limited, a full-service event management, consulting and sports marketing company.

He is an accomplished executive with over twenty years of domestic and international expertise in the event management, media and entertainment industries. Through his designing, launching and managing of world-class marketing, promotions and public relations campaigns, Steve has created extensive brand equity for his client base generating over $500 million in ROI.

A results-oriented, decisive leader with proven success in sales, marketing, business development, corporate communications, public relations, brand management and multicultural relations, he has a proven management track record in establishing growth and start-up organizations and expanding ongoing concerns. He is recognized as a highly creative, lateral-thinking, multi-tasking decision maker who excels in highly dynamic and demanding environments.

Having lived overseas in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East for more than fifteen years, Steve has cultivated a global mindset with strong cross-cultural, interpersonal skills. He lived in such cities as Taipei, Taiwan (the Republic of China), Hong Kong, London, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Washington, D.C., and Boston. Steve speaks Mandarin Chinese, Hebrew, English, and maintains a working knowledge of Spanish.

Steve also gained international coverage as host and executive producer on Speak Your Piece! for his headline news story featuring Mel Gibson’s father, Hutton Gibson, one-week prior to launch of The Passion. He further served as tri-state radio show host of WWRL’s The Morning Show with Pulitzer Prize winner Karen Hunter.

He has appeared on CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, Fox National News, The Drudge Report, USA Today, Daily News, Reuters, Associated Press, Agence France Presse (AFP), BBC, The Howard Stern Show, South China Morning Post, Xinhua News Agency, The China Post and Entertainment Tonight.

He is a recipient of the Hong Kong Government Event Management Awards (Finalist), an avid outdoorsman (he conducted a 14-day trek to Mt. Everest Base Camp), an author, active in charitable organizations, and an All-American Lacrosse Player (Goalie).

He holds a Masters in Business Administration (International Marketing) from George Washington University and a Bachelor of Arts (Political Science) from The University of Vermont.